Why science?

“Science through my camera is human and personal. I am interested in the inextricable connection among knowledge, passion and imagination. Many of the scientists that I met around the world have direct impact on their communities and share the same dream of a better world.  Sometimes I see them as rays of light passing through the bullets’ holes on an iron wall.”

Nicole Leghissa – filmmaker

Saja Taha Al Zoubi, Syrian displaced social scientist

Saja is a Syrian social scientist who is featured in the documentary Science in Exile by Nicole Leghissa. “In Syria I became well-known in my field,” Al Zoubi explains in the film. “The research area of equity – and gender equity in particular – is interpreted as having political or ideological motives, which is very dangerous. If you stand by the government, you will be the object of the opposition, and if you show sympathy for the opposition, you will be targeted by the other side.”