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Hyphae is a film production company based in Trieste, a small port which the highest concentration of scientists per inhabitants in Italy and which will be the European Capital of Science in 2020.  Maybe this is why Hyphae tells stories of scientists, mostly in collaboration with international scientific institutions working in the least developed countries.

Like the hyphae, very thin and long fungi growing underground to connect the roots of very far away trees to pass nourishment,  Hyphae tell stories to connect people and cross-feed their imagination.

Nicole Leghissa – Founder



Nicole worked as documentary director and author for RAI,  ARTE and ARD, as researcher and assistant director for HBO, Channel 4 and Discovery Channel. She likes to travel, to dive and to dream in order to change perspective.



Giovanni Ortolani 



Giovanni is a freelance journalist and documentary maker. His stories have been published by The Guardian, Mongabay, GQ Italy, Vanity Fair Italy, and La Stampa among others.